Eurooppalainen kysely pitkäaikaissairaiden hoitokokemuksista


Eurooppalainen potilasfoorumi selvittää pitkäaikaissairaiden hoitokokemuksia Euroopan Unionin jäsenmaissa. Kysely liittyy vuoden 2017 terveydenhoitokampanjaan, jolla halutaan vaikuttaa terveydenhuollon kehittämiseen.

Vastaaminen ei vaadi ennakkotietoja. Kysymyksiä on 30 ja vastausaika päättyy 31.10.2016. Kyselyyn toivotaan suomalaisten vastauksia.

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Tietoa kyselystä

This survey aims to gain knowledge on the perception of patients across the European Union on access to healthcare. It looks at 5 dimensions of healthcare:

  • Availability – whether a healthcare service or product is available in the healthcare system of your country
  • Affordability – whether seeking healthcare causes financial hardship to patients.
  • Accessibility– Whether there are barriers, other than financial (e.g. waiting lists, geographical barriers…), that stop patients from accessing healthcare
  • Adequacy – the quality of healthcare and involvement of patients in shared decision making with their healthcare professionals
  • Appropriateness – whether healthcare meets the need of different groups in the population

The survey has been designed specifically for individual patients with chronic and long term conditions, and their informal/family carers. There is no need for in-depth knowledge on healthcare to complete this survey, as questions are primarily about individual experience and there are no wrong or right answers.