Peer support

Strength through peer activities of organisations

When people suffering from the same disease get together, they share a sense of togetherness. Peer groups offer the best possible support. 

Organisations provide their members with various group activities, lectures, information events, trips, travel, festivities and art activities. Events offered by various organisations have approximately 30,000 participants every year.

Peer support

Through electronic service channels, RMD contact people act as the first contact, sponsor and aid for people who have recently been diagnosed with RMDs. These trained volunteers offer hints on how to live with a disease, forward the person concerned to a professional, if required, and guide people to peer activities of RMD organisations.

These contact people are also available to the media, and share their knowledge of musculoskeletal diseases to the public.

You can contact an English-speaking contact person by e-mail at

You can also discuss in English on Facebook pages: