The best possible care

The Finnish Rheumatism Association supervises the rights and interests of people suffering from long-term illnesses. We make sure that people suffering from rheumatic and other musculoskeletal diseases have access to the best possible care, rehabilitation and social security, and that they can safely live with their illness.

Our means include

  • national and regional campaigns
  • statements and opinions 
  • expert statements
  • partnership networks, such as Parliament's RMD group

More rheumatologists are needed

Our objective is

  • to increase the awareness of decision-makers and the public of rheumatic diseases and their treatment,
  • to inspire medical students to specialise in rheumatology,
  • to secure a sufficient number of rheumatologists, physical therapists and orthopaedic surgeons in the future, and
  • to ensure that people with RMD symptoms have access to proper examinations, early diagnoses and correct treatment.