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Values of the Finnish Rheumatism Association are:

  • humanity
  • fairness
  • tolerance
  • equality




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Finnish Rheumatism Association


The Finnish Rheumatism Association works for everyone suffering from rheumatic and other musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs). Approximately 100,000 Finns suffer from chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and about one million suffer from some degree of RMDs.

We offer information, support and a glimmer of hope. The purpose of the Finnish Rheumatism Association is that no-one needs to be alone with their illness. A true human connection and interaction within our partners' peer support and recreational groups helps you to move forward.

Being a non-governmental organisation, we supervise the interests of people with RMDs. Rheumatic diseases can develop at any age. Through various means, we ensure that everyone can have access to proper care and rehabilitation. We offer reliable information about diseases and social security, and help to find the services required.

The Finnish Rheumatism Association is an active member of national and international healthcare and social services networks. We have strong international connections with the Nordic Rheuma Council and Eular.





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